Wir stellen uns quer

Zwischenraum solidarisiert sich mit dem Kampf der Geflüchteten in Kreuzberg, Berlin und überall!

Unterstützt den Aufruf des Bündnis Zwangsräumung verhindern: zwangsraeumungverhindern.blogsport.de/2014/10/29/geplante-raeumung-der-gerhart-hauptmann-schule-in-kreuzberg-wir-stellen-uns-quer/

Kein Mensch ist illegal! You can´t evict a movement!

Zwischenraum at Zukunft

The fifth edition of Zwischenraum-Festival will open its gates from September 12. - 14. 2014  at Zukunft (Laskerstr. 5 near Ostkreuz).

Join us, as we try once again to develop various perspectives on arts and politics during three days full of music, workshops and theatre. We will discover the political, revolutionary, and emancipatory aspects of art and detect through creative activities themselves how music, painting and poetry can shape our society and change our humdrum Lebensraum. In order to do that all generations and social groups are invited to actively and creatively grapple with ways to shatter oppression and boundaries that multiple forms of everyday discrimination inflict on us.

As a non-commercial alternative the festival's profits will be donated to this year's Soli-partners Women in Exile e. V. and KuB (Contact and Consultation Center for Refugees and Migrants e.V.)

Join us in creating a Zwischenraum - an interspace - in between daily grind and utopia, in between musical ecstasy and critical thought, in between politics and creativity.

As ususal a versatile Programme for mind and body, creative hands, feet impatient to dance and ears hungry for soft and energetic notes. 

Soli-Partners 2014

Our idea of solidarity...

To us, the Zwischenraum-Festival means three days of fun, creativity and lived political alternative. That's why it's not about making a lot of money! Instead, we will donate all our revenues to political initiatives that we cooperate with. Here, we introduce this years partners to let you know who you will support financially while enjoying yourselves at the festival:

Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen e.V. (KuB)

The KuB (contact and consultation center for refugees and migrants) has been offering consultations concerning legal questions, administrative formalities and problems of day-to-day life for refugees and migrants from all over the world in Berlin since 1983.


Women in Exile e.V.

Women in Exile is an initiative that has been founded in 2002 in Brandenburg by and for female refugees in order to fight the double discrimination against women in exile by visiting shelters, networking, giving workshops and seminars as well as organising demontrations.



Call for musicians: Open Jam Session on Saturday

On Saturday afternoon (13/9) Zwischenraum will be hosting an open jam session. If you are in the mood to get together with other musicians and share your talent with the Zwischenraum-public, pleas let us know! 

Contact felix.maiworm[at]zwischenraum-festival-2014 [.] de or register at Luftikus during the festival.